Wholesales available for all Make up stuffs/ eyelashes etc.. Supplies rate at Low love price.

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Premium False Eyelashes

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Natural Fibre | Light weight | Soft & Gentle for daily wear.

SGD4.50 per pair/ If you're getting a bulk mail me for the rates.

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for your Eyelashes orders (*Include the Eyelash Code)

Make-up Base

Item: KAN-MU-BASE/ SGD8.00

Suitable for all types of skin.

Nail file.

Item: NAILF/ SGD4.90

Shiseido Blackheads Remover.

Item: SHI-MASK/ SGD1.50

Shimmering Puff. (Recommend by: NRWZD)

Item: SHIM-PUFF (with Or w/o stick)/ SGD6.90

Korea Lipbalm.

Item: LIP-GRAPE/ SGD4.90


Eyeshadow Stick. (SGD4.90 each)

Colours available: BLACK/SILVER GREY/WHITE

Eyelash Curler.

Item: ECURL/ SGD5.90

Face Masks.

SGD2.90 each
Any 5 for SGD10.90

Item: Fresh Milk- (Tender, hydrating, whitening effect/ Rediscover tightness, smooth skin)

Item: Wild Chrysanthemum- (Main ingredients: Gingko leaf, wolfberry fruit, chrysanthemum extract/ Pox clearing, inhibit bacterial growth, diminish inflammation remove edema & clear away risk of acne.

Item: Vinegar Ginseng- (Main ingredients: Ginseng extract, small amount of vinegar, Vitamin B1 & B2/ Deeply seep through skin, weaken various stigmas & moisten skin.

Item: Aloe Vera Milk- (Main ingredients: Fresh aloe extract, milk extract, vitamins, Ca, protein/ Help remove acarid deeply, dispel excessive sebum, eliminate whelk, leaving skin elastic.

Item: Green Tea Milk-(Main ingredients: Contain fresh milk essence, green tea, tea polyphenols, minerals & vitamin C/ With strong filtration force, its superfine tea helps replenish moisture and nutrients, moisture skin & remove wrinkles.

Make-up Remover

Item:MU-REMV/ SGD19.90

Face/facial sponge.

Item: FACE-SP/ SGD4.90

Blackheads Remover Mask.

Item: BLKH-REV/ 2 for SGD1.90

Eyeshadow Sticks.

Item: EYE-STICK/ 5 for SGD1.90

Korea brand Eye Shadows.

*Brush included

Item: KAN-BLK /SGD$9.90

Item: KAN-WHITE/ SGD$9.90

Item: KAN-GLDBRN/ SGD$9.90

Item: KAN-BRWN/ SGD$9.90

Item: KAN-TURQ/ SGD9.90

Item: KAN-BLUE/ SGD9.90

Item: KAN-PINK/ SGD9.90